Fredericksburg Paralegal Association

The Fredericksburg Paralegal Association (FPA) was established as an official non-profit organization in April, 1996. The Association was formed with 8 members and continues to grow in membership. As of 2009, 2 of the original 8 members are now attorneys and 1 of the 8 original members remains a member of FPA.

FPA serves as a forum where professional ideas and concerns of Legal Assistants and Paralegals in all sectors of practice are addressed. The Association’s mission is to promote, protect, and advance the Legal Assistant/Paralegal profession and its interests through fostering creative expansion of Legal Assistant/Paralegal roles, at all times operating within the boundaries of the profession; to offer continuing education to Legal Assistants/Paralegals, as well as, education of employers and consumers in the use of Legal Assistants/Paralegals; and to encourage communication between individual Legal Assistants/Paralegals and Legal Assistant/Paralegal Associations regarding developments in the profession.

FPA’s purpose is to establish a high standard of fellowship among Association Members, NFPA, VAPA, the Virginia State Bar, Fredericksburg Area Bar Association and members of the legal community; to encourage a high order of ethical and professional attainment; to further educate members of the profession; to cooperate with Bar Associations; and to support and carry out the programs, purposes, aims and goals of VAPA.

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Bylaws (DOC)

Membership Application (DOC)

History and Information (DOC)


FABA members are actively involved with community projects and statewide projects, participating annually with local schools for Law Day, and in 2006-2007 was awarded the “Certificate of Achievement” award by the Virginia State Bar for their “Reuniting Bar Members as a Community” project and in 2007-2008 was awarded the “Award of Merit” by the Virginia State Bar for their “Reviving Law Day” project. 

In 2008, FABA member, Jeannie P. Dahnk, Esquire, was awarded the “Bar Leader of the Year” award by the Virginia State Bar.